April, 2020

Audiofile Magazine reviews Rob Rufus' The Vinyl Underground:


"Nick Mondelli's contemplative delivery and vivid characterizations strengthen the author's evocative world-building in this audiobook...As the friends fight racism and the war machine in their town, Mondelli builds the tension, which reaches its apex during a striking climax on prom night. The mounting tension is interspersed with scenes between friends and family that illuminate the difficulties of wartime, the complexities of growing up, and the power of music."

New Release

March, 2020

Rob Rufus' The Vinyl Underground, read by Nick Mondelli, releases on audiobook March 10th! 


December, 2019

After appearing on narrator lists for Audiobook publishers like Tantor Media, Deyan Audio, & Dreamscape Media, Nick joins the narrator list at BeeAudio!



December, 2018

Dreamscape Media's production of Zathura wins Audiofile Magazine's coveted Earphones Award for its full-cast recording (featuring Nick Mondelli).


New Release

April, 2020

Nick and Marissa Blake narrate Time of Our Lives by authors Emily Webberly and Austin Siegemund-Broka, out April 21st! 


February, 2020

Audiofile Magazine reviews Catherline Lo's Easy Prey

"A skilled trio of narrators--Nick Mondelli, Jack Meloche, and Elizabeth Cottle--gracefully voice these multifaceted characters whom listeners will simultaneously love and hate. The story alternates between present and past, and their performances are so incredibly methodical, self-assured, and convincing that listeners will follow along with ease. The temptation to relisten in search of missed clues is strong."


New Release

June, 2019

Nick Mondelli reads Snared: Lair of the Beast, the sequel in Adam Jay Epstein's wildly successful fantasy adventure series for young readers, out June 4th!



June, 2018

Audiofile Magazine reviews Adam Jay Epstein's Snared: Escape to the Above:

"Nick Mondelli captures Wily's ignorance of the outside world and himself perfectly. His confusion about being a human and about the world above seems genuine since he has only been told lies. Mondelli has a great grasp on the personalities in this story, which makes their interactions interesting hear."

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