In 2012, while attending the University of Toledo as an English major, I kind of stumbled into narration. I was working two jobs, going to school full-time and looking for any excuse to act wherever I could.


I'd been a part of a few community theaters in the area and doing summer productions when I could. Occasionally, these community theater programs would send out bulletins with nearby auditions and, one fall day, I saw a call for a narrator.


From a young age, voice actors had a profound effect on me. Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy & Christopher Daniel Barnes made my favorite superheroes and villains come to animated life. Tom Kenny, Jon DiMaggio & Robin Williams voiced my inner monologue as a child. Troy Baker & Nolan North were the stars of my favorite video games. I never put two + two together, but looking back, it suddenly makes sense.

What followed that audition in Ohio was a journey and career spanning 50+ voice over projects, training in Los Angeles, and recording for studios all over the country. I never could have imagined...

If you're here because you listened to something of mine, I hope I suitably entertained. And if you haven't listened to anything of mine yet, what are you doing? Put some headphones on and tune in!

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